baby & postpartum services

"Alicia changed our second child’s birth story and our lives. We never expected the immense amount of love, rest and sense of peace that surrounded the first few weeks at home with our son...Alicia was our partner and supported us with wisdom and love. We wouldn’t just recommend Alicia, we would say you need them."

Mary and Ryan

Before the birth of your baby/babies

  • 1-2 hour consultation in your home before baby or babies are born
  • Answer any questions coming up
  • Help you create your postpartum care package
  • Help you prepare your nursery/home for your baby/babies and their needs
  • Help you create a baby registry
  • Get to know you and your individual values as parents
  • Learn your individual needs for adjusting and coping postpartum
  • Offer any resources that may be needed/helpful
  • Simply help you feel prepared to welcome your new addition(s) into your life

Daytime postpartum doula support

  • Help you build confidence in your ability to care for your child (or children); teaching basics of infant care such as bathing, clothing, diapering (cloth or disposable), cord care, baby soothing techniques and feeding
  • Support birthing person’s physical healing after birth (vaginal or surgical birth)
  • Lactation support (if applicable)
  • Help you to organize areas for infant care or any other area of your home (I’m a professional organizer too! We can schedule separate days dedicated to this if needed.)
  • Help family/sibling(s) adjust (even pets!)
  • Non-judgmental emotional support and validation during this time of learning and adjustment
  • Hold baby/babies while you sleep, shower, bathe, etc.
  • Run any errands needed
  • Light housekeeping such as changing bedding, preparing meals, washing dishes, doing laundry etc.
  • Help you and your family understand perinatal mental health and offer any resources needed
  • Help you and your family find community support resources
  • Support for parenting a baby with special needs
  • Support for parenting multiples (I LOVE working with multiples!!!)
  • 4-6 hour shifts

Overnight Postpartum Doula Support

  • Soothe, hold and change baby(s) throughout the night so parent(s) can sleep
  • Support nursing parent (if applicable) during night-time feedings
  • Bottle feed baby(s) so you can sleep
  • Offer emotional support and guidance
  • Help keep you nourished and hydrated while you feed/parent your baby
  • Light housekeeping (wash/sterilize bottles, fold laundry etc)
  • 8 hour shifts


Day Support Rates: Sliding rate between $50/hr and $60/hr (4 to 6 hour shifts)

Night Support Rates: Sliding rate between $440 and $520 a night (8 hour shifts)

All services are customized to address the unique needs of each parent/baby/family. 

I love working with multiples! Please ask me for my rates for twins and triplets.

***Please contact me for payment options if you need a reduced fee.


(Photo Credit to Birth Becomes You)