(Photo Credit to Evan Cobb) "Alicia is an amazing person and birth doula. My husband and I could not have found a better person to guide us up to, during and after the birth of our daughter. She provided information, resources, and support prior to her birth, and went out of her way to meet our needs. During the birth, Alicia supported and advocated for our care plan. She provided tremendous encouragement, knowledge and physical support during the labor itself. Her calming presence and sense of humor, were the perfect combination. All of this helped to make this experience wonderful for both my husband and I. However, when I think of Alicia, what I believe truly sets her apart from others, and what I would call her “Doula Super Power”, is her ability to read, understand, and relate to all types of people. She knows exactly what each individual needs and how to approach situations. My husband and I had different needs throughout this process and Alicia helped us both feel supported and valued along the way. Alicia also demonstrated this skill when working with other hospital staff during the birth. Without Alicia, I am certain we would not have had the natural birth we desired. " Thank you Alicia!"

K, G and A

"Alicia was an absolute life-saver. Rather than me trying to frantically remember techniques from our birth class and respond to my wife's needs (especially when she was unable to articulate them), Alicia was able to anticipate them and let me be a source of emotional comfort. Her experience and gentle demeanor absolutely enhanced our birth experience and I would not hesitate to hire her again."

Matt T.

"Alicia changed our second child’s birth story and our lives. We wanted a postpartum doula to just help us get sleep and ease our transition into a family of four. We never expected the immense amount of love, rest and sense of peace that surrounded the first few weeks at home with our son. We birthed at the hospital, so having someone in our home overnight was at first intimidating - for about 5 minutes. Then it was GLORIOUS!! Alicia has an incredible way with newborns, I believe she understood him and his cues better than I did. She would love him and help him sleep - then bring him to me to nurse at the perfect times. Those weeks after birth, everyone is in need of recovery, Alicia allowed all of us to get restful sleep - knowing the new baby was in such wonderful care, I was able to fall into periods of deep healing sleep. Alicia is the most nonjudgmental human I have ever met. She would inquire in how we wanted something accomplished and would give sage advice when we needed it. My oldest (2 year old) didn’t meet Alicia until the first morning as Alicia was leaving, within minutes our shy little girl crawled into her lap, wanted her to read a book and have breakfast with her. We giggled that Alicia was not only the newborn but also the child miracle worker. She just has this way about her. Later, when my husband returned to work and travel, Alicia returned to help me. Those nights saved us as a family. We were able to succeed and be stronger as a family - Alicia was our partner and supported us with wisdom and love. We wouldn’t just recommend Alicia, we would say you need her."

Mary and Ryan

"Alicia is incredible. We met her and knew she was the person we would want with us for the birth of our first child. She was calm, compassionate, tender, and funny. When I was in labor, Alicia sat on the floor of our bathroom with me in the tub, our dog on her lap, for what felt like hours. She rubbed my back and hips, walked the halls and stairs with me at our birthing center, and kept me going even when I thought I couldn’t anymore. She made sure I kept drinking and eating even when it was the last thing I wanted to do. She was the person that picked up my phone and filmed as our baby finally came into the world. She also supported my husband so he could better support me. On the evening that our baby arrived, Alicia felt like family. Hire her. She’s the person you don’t know you need, then can’t imagine birthing without."


"We were reluctant to have someone else be present during our birth because it is such an intimate moment. Alicia’s kindness, and calmness made our decision very easy. When we look back now, hiring Alicia as our doula was the best decision we made. We had a back labor and while birth was getting closer and the pain in my lower back was getting more and more intense, Alicia seemed to know just how, when, and where to apply pressure to release the pain. She guided my husband through our birthing process, she kept him and me calm, supported me with kind words or holding my hand, cooled my body down with cold wet towels and continuously handed me my drink to stay hydrated. Thanks to Alicia, we were able to have the natural birth we wanted. I can not say thank you enough to our birth doula, Alicia, for a great experience during this amazing journey."


"It is so hard to describe what Alicia brings to the room because it’s not one or two or three big shining moments for our story. It’s many tiny little ones. As first time parents we had prepared for a long labor and birth at home. Alicia supported us through making a last minute change to a hospital birth and helped us feel affirmed in the choice. Our birth was also extremely fast but I, as birther, have very distinct moments I remember: a straw with cool water or juice. A honey stick between pushes. Laughter. Trading off pushing on my sacrum with my spouse. Demanding calmer music and a quick response that didn’t ask me to think any harder. Watching Alicia support Jeff as he held our baby for the first time. Even now, a year and a half later I can send Alicia a message about our first birth and she knows exactly what I’m talking about. As we prepare for our second birth, Alicia both holds space for all of the unknowns (pandemic and just usual unknowns) and for all of the dreams I send - dreams about what our birth could be and for some of the known pieces."


"Without Alicia, I am certain we would not have had the unmedicated birth we hoped for. There were many moments throughout labor when we felt like we couldn't do it anymore and Alicia showed up in just the ways that we needed her to. Making sure both of us were well taken care of, calm, educated, and empowered throughout the entire experience. Thanks to Alicia, our birth felt right in every way possible. She has perfected the "little things" like twinkly lights, aromatherapy, cold washcloths, and drinks of water. And has a whole bunch of knowledge and practice with the "big things" like massage, positive affirmations, translating medical dialogue, breathing exercises, and visualization. Alicia was amazing with all hospital staff and our care team was so impressed they asked for her contact info for patient referrals :) Her postpartum check-ins, gifts, and care were the icing on the cake. She is our doula for life and we cannot brag about her enough!"

Kayla and Lincoln

"Alicia was an invaluable part of our birth story and we will always be grateful for that. After unexpected changes in the birth we had imagined (including transferring from a birth center to a hospital due to prolonged rupture of membranes), Alicia helped us pause, reflect, and advocate for ourselves along each step of the process. In the end, we were able to feel good about the changes and like they were our choices versus what we “had to do.” Alicia was very generous with her time, patient, always available and stayed with us through a several day process. She was a respectful and effective advocate for us when interacting with the medical system, which is not oriented towards truly talking through decisions with patients. We are both medical professionals, and despite having inside information, we needed and benefited from a respectful, assertive third-party advocate. When you are a patient, you are in a position of vulnerability on multiple levels, and having an advocate, a coach, a witness, who is knowledgeable is extremely beneficial. Alicia put us at ease. She was very thoughtful. She really considered her responses to our questions and qualified her responses if there wasn’t an absolute answer. We really appreciated her honesty about the uncertainty in different situations. The birth was really a journey, and Alicia was the ideal guide for us."

Emmy and Josh

"My wife and I were not sure we needed or wanted a doula. We thought it would be another person to deal with and distract us in the delivery room. Alicia was just the opposite. She was a calm presence throughout the pregnancy and delivery. She educated, enlightened, and empowered us to plan for the birth WE wanted. During labor she was a seamless part of the team in working with the midwife and nursing staff. She provided support to my wife in the form of massage, aromatherapy and concise communication, visualization. She was always there just when a cold cloth, a drink of water, or a word of encouragement was needed. She stayed present and embraced the birth we experienced. Alicia also made me a better partner, offering advice when she saw I needed it or giving me a break when I needed. She was present when we needed her, and became almost invisible at just the right moment to give us space and enjoy the process as a couple. She was the emotional anchor that kept us present in the most transformative day of our lives. We are forever grateful"


"Alicia is truly a one-of-a-kind blessing and an incredible presence. From the moment we met her, we knew she was the missing piece we needed along our journey. She supported both myself and my husband and has an uncanny ability to read people and adapt. We were fortunate to have found Alicia for the birth of our first child – she helped us navigate the unknown waters of pregnancy, birth and postpartum with compassion and confidence. She advocated for us and our birth plan and helped us adapt to our changing situation. During our daughter's birth, the transition period was especially challenging and baby needed to be repositioned quickly – Alicia knew exactly what to do and calmly guided me through using different positioning techniques that helped our birth progress safely, without intervention or incident. I am certain that we would not have had the natural birth we wanted without her. I cannot say enough about what a wonderful presence Alicia was and a crucial member of our birth team. Every birthing woman should have someone as amazing as Alicia in their corner. "


"My husband and I knew that we wanted a doula to support us during pregnancy and birth, but we had trouble finding someone who felt like a good fit. That changed when we met Alicia. She immediately made us feel comfortable and supported. As first time parents, we did a lot of preparation (reading, taking classes, etc) for birth. The prep was helpful, but honestly a lot of that went out the door when labor actually began. As soon as Alicia joined us, she provided us with the perfect mix of information and reassurance that my body knew exactly what it was doing. She was able to get me out of my head and back into my body in order to help my labor progress. There were moments throughout labor when I felt like I couldn't do it anymore and Alicia was the best cheerleader- encouraging me not only verbally, but through gentle touch, reminding me to drink and eat and coaching me to continue to breathe through contractions. My husband struggles with queasiness and fainting and Alicia did an excellent job balancing keeping him upright while continuing to support me. He shared that there were only a few moments when he felt faint, and attributed this to Alicia helping him feel safe and cueing him to take breaks as needed. We got the natural birth that we were hoping for and we could not have done it without Alicia."


"We still turn to each other and say, "What would we have done without Alicia?" As a highly skilled and experienced doula, Alicia is an empowering encourager, an excellent listener, a thoughtful caregiver, a holder of sacred space and a bringer of beauty. She supported us with her intuitive wisdom, lighthearted joy, technical know-how, and deep connection with the human body. Alicia was our advocate as we navigated a surprise hospital birth (due to medical issues) after we'd been planning to deliver at a freestanding birth center. Alicia was with us every step of the way, offering tools and support so that we could have the beautiful, empowering birthing experience we had been dreaming about."

Elaine and Jason T.

"Having a doula turned out to be one of the best decisions we made for the birth of our first child. Alicia can turn a sterile hospital room into a spa in 5 minutes. She can inject motivation into the moments when motivation is running low and will be your biggest fan and advocate from start to finish. It was an honor having Alicia on our birth team and I wholeheartedly recommend that you do the same. Honestly, there were many times when I felt Alicia was more valuable to me, the father, than my incredible wife."

Matt S.

"Alicia was the perfect balance for my husband and I as we prepared, labored and welcomed our daughter into the world. From the first meeting there was an unspoken connection with Alicia. She spent time listening and getting to know us before the birth. Prenatal yoga was very helpful to prepare my body. She was extremely supportive during the labor process. Her guidance and support for my husband in how to best support me was valuable as first time parents not knowing what to expect in the birth process. She helped me listen to my body, stay focused and feel empowered. Her positive energy and strong hands were essential during the long labor hours. She captured priceless photos of our first moments as a family. Her postpartum home visits were helpful and encouraging for healing. Baby sure did recognize her voice!! I am so thankful for the kindness, support and humor that Alicia brought to our journey. What a blessing to have her as our doula! "


"From the moment we first met, Alicia had such a calming presence and ease that we knew she would be amazing to have present on our big day. Now we know we could not have had the wonderful birth story we have if not for her being a part of our team. Alicia was there for me at all hours in the weeks leading up to our birth. She helped me get out of my head and embrace every moment. The moment my water broke after going through a prodromal labor for over a week, she joined us at the hospital with a supply of momma requested coconut water in hand and our labor party began. She made our birthing room feel like home with ferry lights and electric candles to warm up the space and an essential oil diffuser to calm us with the scent of lavender. The nurses were so impressed with how zen our birthing room became that they were taking photos to show their friends! I wanted an all natural birth and because labor was not progressing and the doctors were starting to push un-wanted interventions, having Alicia there was amazing with her calming and positive demeanor and ideas on how to kick start our labor naturally. She gave me a Yoga session in our room, walked the hallways with us and climbed the stairs with me - we laughed and talked, we even had a dance party! We had some serious fun let me tell you! When my contractions kicked in and things really got going Alicia was right by our side coaching, relaxing and soothing us, she helped maintain a truly safe and calming energy in our delivery room and knew just how to be there at every changing moment. She was the best teammate my husband says we could have ever asked for. Honestly, if Alicia hadn’t been with us during our birth and the days leading up to it we know our birth story could have easily been very different. Instead, we can look back on that journey and feel incredibly thankful that our birth dreams came true and we were able to bring our baby girl into the world in an even more beautiful way than we could have ever hoped for. We cannot say enough amazing things about her and anyone would be truly lucky to have Alicia as a part of their birth story."


"We reached out to Alicia to be our doula when our friends recommended her after having an amazing experience. My pregnancy, our first, was uncomplicated until 20 weeks, when we discovered that our child had developed multiple heart defects, necessitating surgeries after birth. From the moment of our daughter's diagnosis in utero, Alicia remained calm and steadfast with her support as we processed this difficult news and attempted to prepare ourselves not only for the birth of our first child, but for the challenges to follow. Alicia was right there with us through all of it, and helped me tap into an inner strength I had not known I was capable of. Throughout labor and delivery, Alicia was an incredible advocate and made me feel safe and cared for, and she made sure that my husband felt the same. Alicia is an exceptional doula as well as a genuinely compassionate person; she truly cares about her clients and their babies. We would recommend Alicia to anyone and everyone."

Chelsea and Colin

"My labor was a grueling 77 hours long. It was exhausting for me and a challenge on many levels for my wife. We tell people that our doula saved our lives! Alicia was there for us as soon-to-be parents as much as she was there for us as partners. Because of Alicia’s coaching, my wife was encouraging and supportive in ways I didn’t realize were possible! Alicia knew when to check in and when to hang back, and through her resource network we were able to learn and try various techniques to encourage a very difficult labor to actively progress. The video and photos that she took for us are something we adore and treasure. Alicia was hands-on when she needed to be and hands-off when she didn’t. Her intuition about what we needed from her were better than what we could articulate. I have no idea when she left after the birth because she made sure we were fed and taken care of and slipped off into the night to let us ogle our new little one."

Amey H.

"I am so thankful for sweet, caring Alicia! She helped me feel comfortable and ready for the birth of my first child. My husband and I both felt cared for leading up to, during, and after the birth of our son. I was nervous to labor without a support person (someone to support both me AND my husband), and Alicia ended up being a great fit for us. She is patient, calm, and took the time to understand and clarify what our goals and needs were. During labor she ended up helping me flip my son into the ideal birthing position using Spinning Babies techniques which ended my back labor! For that alone I was grateful! Haha! I would recommend Alicia to families that want someone caring, supportive, attentive, calming, and passionate about their work. We love Alicia!"


"We interviewed a lot of doulas before we found Alicia. She made us feel immediately comfortable and confident. I thought it might be a bit strange having someone else with us during the birth of our daughter, such an intimate experience in our lives, but it was more like having a best friend, a trusted companion and confidant there by our side. Alicia not only supported my wife but was also there for me. She knew exactly when to step in when I needed a break but also knew when to step aside and guided me to be a better birth partner. We are so lucky to have found Alicia!"


"I originally was not going to have a doula; I didn't even know what a doula was! But I am SO happy I learned about them and met Alicia. She has an amazing ability to know what you need in the moment and guide you to find the best soothing/comfort technique for you. I will never forget (in a good way!) "riding the wave" of contractions while laboring in the hospital. She was a blessing to have as part of my birthing experience."


"Alicia was originally our back-up doula, our 2nd in command, our 2nd choice; next time, she will be our 1st choice immediately! I talked to Alicia on the phone the night before being admitted to the hospital. During our conversation I realized that if I would end up birthing my baby with her, I would be in good hands. On the phone, she did not make me feel stupid or uncomfortable. She listened to my fears and symptoms and offered suggestions and most importantly kept me calm. She drove over to the hospital to be with us as soon as she was called. She walked with me in the hospital hallways and was always ready to offer hip squeezes and support when I was experiencing contractions. When my labor was not progressing, Alicia was happy to stay with us in the hospital – we had to convinced her to go home and rest overnight. She was loyal. The next morning, she arrived with a latte for my husband as requested. One of the main reasons that we hired a doula was that my husband was unsure that he could be in the room during the birth or what his role would be. Alicia embraced his uncertainty and made it clear that she worked for the both of us. She did not make him feel judged. It was a long day and Alicia was always there, assisting with birthing positions or distracting me with conversation. She offered me cool compresses & was supportive when I decided to have an epidural. She was also gracious with my family members who were present at the hospital. Alicia took birth photographs on our cell phones, which at the time, I was unsure that I wanted but am now grateful to own. She captured a moment that we are so proud to have – our first family photo of 3. Alicia made me feel like a warrior even though I knew I had nothing to prove. She fed me ice chips throughout the pushing process and offered encouragement. She was the first to provide me with food after labor. She never out-stayed her welcome. In fact, that first night in the hospital with my newborn was difficult and I found myself missing Alicia’s presence. But I learned quickly that she was never that far away. I texted her when I was discharged and struggling with night sweats. I texted her again when I was curious about making frozen sanitary napkins for recovery. She scheduled our follow-up appointment and went out of her way to find me chocolate croissants to indulge my craving. We loved introducing Alicia to our son & having her in our home. We have never regretted hiring a doula & keep Alicia close to our hearts. As I write this, our son is 6 months old & I have already referred Alicia’s services to several expectant mothers. Without her (or our midwives), I am certain that my desire of having a vaginal birth would have been unsuccessful. Even now, months later, I know that I could contact Alicia if needed. I wouldn’t even hesitate to have her babysit our son! I am proud to call her our doula."


"Alicia was our doula for our first baby and now she truly is our doula for life. We couldn’t imagine having another without her and plan to have her at our next birth in September. She stepped up and offered continuous comfort measures so I didn't have to take pain medications and was able to have a successful water birth. Alicia was a great advocate when medical decisions had to be made and was there for us in every way a doula should be. She is very knowledgeable but also an extremely valuable emotional support. We are so thankful to have her!"


"We were on the fence about hiring a doula: not sure if we could afford it or if it would be worth it, but I was SO nervous about labor and delivery that I really felt I needed someone with us that had been apart of it before. So, fairly last minute we decided to hire Alicia and I have to say that it was one of THE BEST decisions we've made! Not only was she a huge support and comfort to me while I was in labor, I think my husband would say she helped him even more. She even continued to offer emotional support post-partum, which made a world of difference at the time. She is amazing and we love her!"


"There are so many words to describe the miracle of childbirth, but strong, enduring, and beautiful are a few that come to mind right away. I would also apply those whole heartedly to Alicia. She has been one of the most influential people in our lives, and we are forever grateful for her support and friendship. She was by our side for the long 44 hours that it took to bring our first child, a son, into this world. I can honestly say I don't know if our experience would have been as positive as it was if she had not been part of our birthing team. Our birth did not go as planned, which is common, yet Alicia gave us the support and guidance we needed to feel secure that we were doing everything we needed to bring our son safely into this world. She not only supported me as a mother, giving me strength, but she was there as an advocate for us as a couple and especially for my husband as a coach! It's the little things in life that make the biggest impact, and I will never forget the gentle touches, the cool washcloths laid on my neck and forehead, and the essential oil's gently laid beside me as I slept. Those are just a few small gestures that will stick with me. We are forever grateful for her, and are looking forward to having her by our side when we bring our future children into this world!"


"We absolutely love Alicia. We understand everyone has different needs, but we 100% recommend her for those that either want someone in the background for subtle support and guidance during pregnancy and birth, or that want someone in the weeds and helping to make big decisions. In our case, Alicia did both – seamlessly knowing when to listen and say “I get it”, and when to advocate for us and with us with great conviction. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has such a huge, open heart. She empowered us during labor, and we can’t imagine what it would’ve been like without her there."

Jen and Matt D.

"I am so glad that I picked Alicia to be my doula. I found great comfort in her calmness during my labor. When I needed medical intervention, I was better with the turn of events because Alicia empowered me to seek all of the alternative avenues before agreeing to it. There were no "what ifs" left on the table. We immediately clicked and I feel like I didn't just find a doula, but a friend as well."